Thursday, 16 April 2009

A Busy Month!

Sorry I seem to have neglected my blog this month but, in my defence it has been a busy one! Since my last post there's been a pink duck birthday cake, 3 devine carrot cakes, 3 batches of yummy choc-cherry mudcakes, lost count of the number of victoria sponges (including 1 sorry-I-wasn't-in-the-country-for-your-birthday-dad which, of course I was then forgiven for!), a quick 15 min help-my-mate-out cake decoration and then finally 1 happy divorce cake from yesterday ... oh, and of course not forgetting my actual day-job and a trip to Berlin ... Phew!

So, here's a few pics of what i've been up to ...

First up, The Big Pink Duck!

This cake was meant to be me assisting my friend Lara in making her own birthday cake, I was only sculpting the duck ... let's just say I couldn't help myself and kinda took over while she was busy sorting other bits out ... but I think it looks pretty cool and she loved it!

One of the many Devine Carrot Cakes!

This one was for my friend Jo's birthday ... yum scrum!

(The other 2 were for Mother's Day and as a Thank You pressie)

Choc-Cherry Mud Cakes!
These are just delicious!! Batch 1 was for a friend's Afternoon Tea, the second was for the family. I also made a 3rd batch this month on Easter Sunday for a chocolate feast with some friends!

All boxed and ready to go ...

Now for the family!

A Quick Helping Hand to a friend!

My friend had made the cake and wanted to decorate it for her 2 friends' leaving meal that night! A quick ice and a little twiddling while she was getting ready and voila!

... and finally, a Happy Divorce Cake!
This was for a friend of mine at work, although she was looking forward to the official divorce day it still did the trick and made her smile :-) ... now to go out and celebrate properly!

Keep an eye out for more posts next month, I have a few fun cakes coming up!

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